We love summer, but it’s also prime outdoor pest season. Spiders, earwigs, centipedes, silverfish, and chiggers can cause big problems for your family, pets, and gardens, and definitely take the fun out of spending time in your yard. Have you noticed an increase in outdoors pests?


Do you want to help keep them from setting up shop to begin with? It’s time to consider a perimeter pest control service. Perimeter pest control is applied to the exterior perimeter of your home to manage active pest populations throughout the season. Below are five benefits of perimeter pest control, all of which will help you to have a more enjoyable summer:

Pests will stay out! Wondering how to keep pests out of your home? Stop them from getting in to begin with! Perimeter pest control creates a barrier around your home, helping prevent earwigs, centipedes, silverfish, spiders, and chiggers from making their way inside. Once pests are indoors, they can become a real nuisance. A silverfish infestation, for example, can be hard to get rid of. They swarm around windows and eat everything from book binding and photos to sugar and coffee. Have you ever encountered a huge centipede scurrying across your basement floor? Horrifying. Keep those buggers outside. Cleaner indoor air. Because perimeter pest control is applied outside, there are no pesticides being sprayed inside your home. NexGreen is committed to safer pest control and lawn care so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re helping your family and pets stay safe. This leads us to our next point… Keeps family and pets safe. While the occasional spider is not a problem, as they keep mosquitos, flies, and other annoying bug populations in check, an infestation of spiders is a messy and potentially harmful nuisance that needs to be managed quickly. Have you ever seen chigger bites? They cause intensely itchy sores that can leave people and pets miserable for days or even weeks at a time. You don’t want to worry about these problems when you’re enjoying your garden or sending the kids out to play. A yard with fewer pests is a safer, happier place for you, your family, and your furry loved ones. Protects gardens and landscaping. While the myth that they’ll crawl into your ears and lay eggs is not true, earwigs can be a big problem in your landscaping. They feed on ornamental flowers and will even burrow into flowerbeds to eat seedlings. Earwigs can also be very destructive to vegetable gardens. After all the work involved in planting and maintaining your gardens, don’t let these pests destroy your harvest before you can enjoy it! Convenient application process. Our friendly technicians enjoy checking in with you in person anytime we’re performing a service in your yard. But we understand that for you, that’s not always possible. A convenient benefit of NexGreen’s Perimeter Pest Control Service is that it can be performed even while you’re away because no access inside your home is required.