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NexGreen’s Seven-Step Approach to Metro Detroit Lawn Care 

We tailor our 7-step plan to your lawn’s needs, so it can develop a healthy, natural defense system against weeds and problem grasses. 

What Are Bio-Nutrient Supplements? 

Bio-Nutrient Supplements improve plant uptake while reducing the quantity of fertilizer and pesticides needed to deliver superior results. They also naturally improve root density and cell wall thickness, which enhances drought tolerance and insect/disease resistance. 

Steps in Our Application Process 

  1. Initial Application 

For your first visit, NexGreen will apply fertilizer and bio-nutrients that promote early spring green-up along with crabgrass prevention and targeted weed control, a great application to wake up your lawn. A thorough inspection of your lawn will also be conducted to advise on any prior season concerns that need to be addressed. 

  1. Early Growth and Weed Control 

In addition to targeted weed control, this application will promote greener color and strengthen your root system while reducing the amount of nitrates and pesticides that traditional lawn companies use this time of the year. A strong root system creates a thicker, healthier lawn that naturally defends against weeds and annual grasses. 

  1. Strengthening and Summer Prep 

This will strengthen your lawn while controlling those pesky weeds. The bio-nutrient supplement also helps your lawn naturally endure the stress of summer by improving the cell structure of your grass. 

  1. Grub Prevention 

A grub preventative treatment is recommended at this time to ensure that white grubs do not devastate your lawn. (A supplemental service provided at an additional charge). 

  1. Mid-Year Evaluation and Treatment 

During this mid-year application, we evaluate and target the specific requirements of your lawn. Whether it’s a boost of fertilizer, a targeted weed treatment, or additional post-emergent to control problem grasses, you can count on us to do the right thing for your lawn. 

  1. Fall Recovery and Strengthening 

This will help your lawn recover from the stress of summer and take care of any unwelcome weeds. Core aeration and overseeding are recommended at this time to reduce soil compaction and introduce improved varieties of grass to your lawn. (A supplemental service provided at an additional charge).

  1. Winter Prep 

Prior to your lawn going into winter dormancy, we will apply a final fertilization to feed your root system and help the lawn endure the stress of winter more effectively. This application will also help your lawn green-up earlier next spring. 

Why Choose NexGreen? 

Our highly trained specialists focus on your satisfaction and safety. When choosing NexGreen, you can expect: 

  • 10+ years of experience in the lawn care industry 
  • State certification and Department of Agriculture registration 
  • Comprehensive training programs ensuring top-quality service 
  • Extensive training in Targeted and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that NexGreen’s eco-friendly practices are safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

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