Fall Weed Shield

Fall Weed Shield

Prevent weed growth before it starts!

NexGreen’s Fall Weed Shield Package is a great way to help reduce weeds while prepping your lawn to look beautiful and weed-free next spring.

People often think that fall isn’t a time to worry about lawn maintenance. With the temperature dropping, leaves changing color, and thoughts of the approaching holiday season, why worry about fall lawn care right? Wrong! Fall is the perfect time to stop weeds before they start growing. Why? The heat and rain from the summer months combine to give plants and grass the best environment to thrive in. While we like that, this weather is also conducive to weeds. Often times, weed growth goes to seed which leads to weeds popping up again in the spring – and who wants that? No one, which is why we’re here! NexGreen’s Fall Weed Shield is the perfect weed preventative solution! This package will help eliminate existing weeds as well as prevent them from seeding into new ones in the spring, all while keeping your lawn healthy, green, thriving, and beautiful.

Our Fall Weed Shield Package includes:

- Two lawn applications to help remove existing weeds while preventing new weeds from seeding.

-Aeration and Overseeding Service which will add new varieties of grasses into your lawn, filling in bare spots and eliminating space for weeds to grow.

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