You and your neighbors probably pay a lot of attention to the maintenance necessary for a healthy and attractive lawn, but remember that those larger plants in your landscape need attention as well.


So often, trees and shrubs are the focus of the landscaping surrounding our homes. In the Spring there’s new growth on tree and shrubs, they show new color, and their basic awakening can bring the appearance of your yard to bountiful life.

How well your trees and shrubs look when they emerge from Winter’s harshness indicates a lot about their health. Check out these tips for improving health and appearance…

Remove dead or diseased branches to help your plants look better and prevent the spread of the disease. Trees and shrubs benefit from light pruning, so to avoid complications, lightly prune those branches and stems that extend into the driveway, sidewalk, or grow against the house. For pruning larger trees with bigger limbs, consult an expert to be on the safe side.

Water newly planted trees and shrubs with one to two inches of water per week as days warm up in the Spring to help them become established. The root systems of trees and shrubs, once established, are good at finding water. The exception is during periods of extended drought typically experienced in the summer months. If trees and shrubs are newly planted or transplanted during the last growing season or two they will appreciate reliable watering now.

Fertilize trees and shrubs in the Spring. Adding supplemental nutrients this time of year can be beneficial to jump starting new growth as trees and shrubs expend energy to produce stems and leaves. As when fertilizing your lawn, regardless of the fertilizer used, follow the directions on the package: Adding more fertilizer than recommended can injure the plant by burning its roots, or cause flowering trees and shrubs to flower less. For best results consult a professional tree and shrub company If it’s a dry Spring, you’ll want to water the plants before applying the fertilizer. And, help the fertilizer activate by watering it thoroughly after applying.

Trees and shrubs, with attention and care in the Spring, can add value to your home and contribute to a beautiful yard year ‘round.