While those summer showers have been making an appearance lately, most of this summer has been dry, hot, and very taxing on our lawns! – lawn-care – pest-control – fertilizer

We’re here to give you some tips on how to protect your lawn, including ways on how to fix any damage that may have already happened. Below are six items for you to keep in mind while you’re caring for your lawn:

  1. Watering should be done bright and early in the morning. There is minimal evaporation due to the cooler temperatures outside which will leave your lawn looking and feeling hydrated. Mowing during the hottest parts of the day can cause heat stress.
  2. If you haven’t been able to water your lawn much or at all this summer, it may have become a dormant lawn, or a lawn that has stopped growing. If this has happened, you may need to water your lawn about a quarter to half an inch every two weeks in order for your lawn to start growing again.
  3. A healthy crown is the part of the grass blade that helps to keep your lawn growing and store nutrients. If your lawn is dormant and it doesn’t get the water that it needs to stay healthy and green, the crown will not heal and pieces of your lawn may begin to wither.
  4. To further protect the crown, keep foot traffic to a minimum and maintain good mowing habits. If you mow your lawn any lower than three to three and a half inches, you may harm the crown even further, encourage weed growth and increase the chances of insects and other pests.
  5. Be sure to mow your lawn when it is dry. This will give the blades an even cut and make them sharper while keeping your lawn looking nice and green.
  6. Be mindful that the first and last cut of the year should be about an inch shorter than usual (typically around 2 and half inches) to remove any dead tissue and debris from the lawn.

Always remember to wear protective gear when needed and if you have any questions or concerns, call your local NexGreen office, or check out our Lawn Care Guide: