To keep your lawn and gardens healthy, it’s essential to use fertilizer to enrich the soil that the plants will be growing in.

There are many different brands and formulations of fertilizers for sale, but basically, they all contain the three same elements. These are:

When you look at bagged lawn fertilizer at the store, it will be given a label with three numbers, which refer to the percentage of each of the three elements it contains, in the order of nitrogen, phosphorus, then potassium. For example, a fertilizer with the numbers 24-12-17 would include 24% nitrogen, 12% phosphorus, and 17% potassium.

In many states, including Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia, the use of lawn fertilizer containing phosphorus is restricted. These laws exist to protect the environment from the negative effects that occur when excessive phosphorus in yards runs into bodies of water, causing rapid algae growth, which can be dangerous for people and animals.

So, how can you maintain a beautiful, flourishing yard without harming the ecosystem? NexGreen has the solution. We supplement lawn fertilizer with our unique bio-nutrient supplements. These are substances derived from organic sources that open plant cell walls and deliver nutrition directly where it’s needed. They strengthen and grow the roots of plants, which are the foundation of lawn health. But while bio-nutrients can perform some of the same functions as a lawn fertilizer, they pose no danger to the environment. NexGreen’s combination approach is the right choice for taking care of your yard while conserving lakes and rivers.

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