Lawn care season is here and we know what that means, you’re inspecting your lawn to make sure that it’s backyard BBQ ready. But what do you do when those pesky dandelions pop up? What are those brown spots on your lawn? How can you make your lawn greener? That’s why we, the experts at NexGreen, are here. Our team of Nexperts is dedicated to answering all of your lawn care questions.

Here’s how it works:

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  • 1. Post your lawn-related question and photo to our Twitter (@myNexGreen), or Instagram (@nexgreenlawncare)
  • 2. Use the hashtag #AskTheNEXPERTS
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It’s really that easy. One of our Nexperts will personally reach out and offer the best solution for your problem.

Have a question about your lawn or trees and shrubs? #AskTheNEXPERTS.

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