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Prepare and Revitalize Your Lawn for Spring with Our Expert Lawn Care and Pest Control Solutions.

You're only one step away from a lush, green, thriving lawn.

NexGreen Lawn Tree and Exterior Pest Services

NexGreen uses bio-nutrients that are safer for children, pets, and the environment, at the same cost or less than the other leading chemical lawn care services.

Our Services

You can rely on us to make any place clean, neat, & tidy.

Lawn Care Program

We tailor our 6-step plan to your lawn’s needs, so it can develop a healthy, natural defense system against weeds and problem grasses.

Tree And Shrub Care

Let us properly nourish and protect your trees and shrubs, keeping them healthy and beautiful all year long.

Perimeter Pest Control

NexGreen’s Perimeter Pest Control can help manage active populations of spiders, earwigs, chiggers, silverfish and centipedes all season long.

Aeration and Overseeding

Get your lawn back in strong shape so it is well-prepared for winter Aeration and overseeding service repairs lawn damage and strengthens turf for the cold weather ahead.

Mosquito Spraying

Mosquito Control for a Safer Yard NexGreen offers affordable, quality pest control that helps make your yard safer for your family and pets.

Additional Services

Nexgreens Offers More Than Just Lawn Care Soil conditioning, aeration and over-seeding, and protection against fleas, ticks, grubs and other pests. You’ll never want to go inside!


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NexGreen will bring you a beautiful, green, healthy lawn with strong roots and thick turf using less fertilizer and pesticides. Hard to believe? Here’s how we do it in six applications:

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