Aeration & Overseeding

Get your lawn ready for winter!

Aeration and overseeding service repairs lawn damage and strengthens turf for the cold weather ahead.

By the end of summer, your lawn has likely taken a beating. Between neighborhood barbecues, the kids playing, and just enjoying your yard, your lawn likely has areas of compacted soil, which can lead to turf damage.

NexGreen’s Aeration and Overseeding can help get your lawn back in strong shape so it is well-prepared for winter:

  • Repair lawn damage such as thinning grass and bare spots
  • Increase turf density and strength
  • Bring back a healthy, thick, beautiful lawn year after year

Aeration: First, we pull cores of compacted soil and thatch from your lawn so fertilizer, water, and air can reach the roots.

Overseeding: We then add new seed varieties that germinate to the aeration holes to help strengthen and thicken your lawn.

Aeration and overseeding service should be scheduled from late August until October to give new seed plenty of time to take hold before frost.

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